The Last Full Moon Chapter 10

Emma woke up from the sun coming out of her window, the light resting on her face. Moving was not easy for her, her body was sore, her head was pounding as she tried to sit up. Her eye adjusted as she looked around her room and wondered how she got there. She felt around to make sure she was not dreaming. It was her sheets and her black comforter, she could see her night stand and amour. There was a bouquet of many different flowers in a vase on her nightstand they were beautiful with so many different colors. Succeeding in sitting up Emma jumped startled as she remembered what had happened “Max!” Emma screamed she felt a jump at the bottom of the bed as Max popped his head up. She didn’t notice him there as she was waking up. With tears of relief in her eyes Emma tried to pet max on the head but he was too far. She noticed the bandage that was wrapped around his ribs. “Max my poor boy” She saw him use all the strength he had to lay next to her. She didn’t want him in pain but was happy to have him next other so she could pet him. Emma closed her eyes as the events of the crash flashed back into her mind. The tears in her eyes welled up as she remembered how helpless she felt, remembering the cold and the pain in her body when the car flipped and slammed into the tree. Then as if startled she opened her eyes as she remembered who saved her from the wreck, she recalled hearing the noise on her door as if someone was tearing into the her door, the sudden burst of light as if the door was ripped open. Her seat belt being town off as if made of string. Her thoughts stopped as she heard a small knock on her door before it began to open slowly. Grabbing her covers she held them up knowing who was coming through the door.

Just then a tall black haired man with ocean blue eyes waked in. “Donavin?” Emma said out loud she knew her eyes where wide when she saw Donavins face as he walked in.
“Please don’t be scared Emma its ok you’re ok” Emma looked around trying to come back to the reality that was happening. “How?”

“How what?”

“How did you get me out of that wreck? It was just you”

“You were pretty out of it I am sure you thought it was just me but I did have help” Emma stared down at her black comforter as she thought about what had happened when she was pulled from the car she knew she remembered only Donavin there. “How did I get into my pajamas?” Donavin was holding a cup of coffee for Emma he placed it next to her bedside. “May I sit next to you?” Emma nodded her head. Doanvin sat at the edge of the bed. “My friend Evol came and helped me she dressed you as I was outside the door.”

“Why didn’t you take me to the hospital?”

“The roads are closed to the hospital because of the storm, I know a little bit to know you were not suffering any major injuries. So I brought you and Max home and bandaged you up.” Emma’s mind was running wild she didn’t know what to think at the moment. So much had happened “How long was I asleep?” Emma could see Donavin didn’t want to answer “How long?”

“2 days” Emma’s eyes got wide and her voice loud “2 days!!!! Why didn’t you call the paramedics? What if I was in a coma?”

“I wish I could explain but I need to you to trust that I knew you would be ok” Emma was furious she knew there was something Donavin was not telling her and it frustrated her. “I know it was just you who got me out how did you do it?”

“Emma” Emma did not let him finish the lie she knew he was going to say “Get out!” Donavin looked hurt when Emma said those words but without question Doanvin stood from the bed “Enjoy your coffee, I will be downstairs you are in no condition to walk and I will not leave you to hurt yourself.” Emma did not argue as Donavin closed the door. Emma felt guilty for the way she spoke to Donavin but she knew there was something he was not telling her and she was determined to find out what it was.


“It looks like you’re going to be fine Emma, You strained your arm and these cuts here will heal and this bruise on your ribs should go away, But this deep wound here on your head I would like you to keep that bandaged on to avoid infection. I think you just need to stay in bed for the next week. You are very lucky to be alive” Emma looked at the doctor with concern “I have to work I can’t just sit in bed for a week”

“Well you will need to walk around but you need to be home for a week and I will want to see you for a checkup next week.” Dr. Brown could see the concern in Emma’s expression “It is ok I will fax a letter to the newspaper to let them know of your condition and my recommendation”

“Thank you doc and thanks for coming all the way out here”

“You are very welcome the road here is ok for my 4 wheel drive but the road leading to the hospital is still bad they said it should be cleared today once the snow stops.”  Emma watched as doctor Brown shook hands with Doanvin and walked out of her room.  Donavin turned and looked at Emma as he leaned against the door frame. Emma looked at him a little shamed “Thank you for saving my life”

“You don’t need to thank me”

“I do I owe you my life and all I have done is turn your help away I am sorry for that”

“apology accepted” Emma wanted to ask again what he was hiding but she knew he would not say anything “Well get some rest I will make you some coffee and get some breakfast going for you.” Emma was surprised “You don’t have to do that” He had been there a total of three days she knew he had obligations “I know but I want to”

“Really thank you I owe you so much” Donavin sat down next to Emma and took her hand “You owe me nothing” he kissed her hand stood up and walked out the door.



The next few days where different. It was nice but also weird to have someone else in the house. Doanvin was great gentleman he made sure her bandage was clean that she was fed and comfortable then he would leave her alone unless she called him. He also took care of Max as well. He never over stepped his boundaries. They did hang out a little, sometimes Emma would ask Doanvin if he wanted to play cards he would always agree Emma knew he was only letting her win all the time to please her.

It was day three of the week that she needed to stay home and Emma was feeling extremely better she was able to stand up without any help she was still weak and had to hold on to things to support her but she knew she was getting stronger. Emma sat in bed re reading the history of the guardians she wanted to know more about what happened to the brothers she wished there was more to read. Emma stopped and listened as she heard a faint sound downstairs, it got a little louder she realized she could hear music coming from down stairs. Getting up she straighten her white t-shirt and slipped on her black sweats, she grabbed her black slippers from the corner of the bed and walked down the stairs to see Doanvin messing with Emma’s old record player. The record that was playing was one that her mother gave her it was the Carpenter “I won’t last a day without you” She remembered her mom playing the record as she would dance with her father in the front room. Emma remembered how she would just watch them and smile. Walking down the stairs she saw Donavin turn around to see her. He smiled at her with that smile that always seemed to make her question herself. “Oh I am sorry I hope I did not wake you. I’ll turn it off”
“No please don’t I love this song it brings back good memories I only have so few let it play” taking a step away from the record player he walked over to the stairs. “You need any help?”
“No I got it I am feeling much better.”
“Well are you hungry I am making you some soup” Donavin was a great cook Emma was so grateful for everything he was doing to take care of her.

“That sounds great, you really know how to get down in the kitchen, how did you learn to cook like that?” Doanvin gave a laugh as he walked to the kitchen “Many, many years of practice” Walking towards the kitchen Emma stopped where the mirror was hanging on the wall and tried to fix her hair the best she could but the bandage around her head didn’t exactly help much she sighed as she went to the kitchen, leaning on the side of the entry way she smiled as Donavin looked at her. He gave her a nervous smile and went back to stirring the soup he had made in the pot. Emma could smell the herbs and seasonings that were in it. Her stomach rumbled a little bit she was hungry.  Emma decided to walk back towards the record she just stood there listing to the words remembering what it was like before her parents disappeared. To this day she did not know what happened to them, by now she knew in her heart they were dead.
“The soup will be done in a few.” Emma smiled at Donavin and looked back at the record. She watched as it spun making the lettering look like one black line on the record. She could sense Donavin behind her. Her heart raced in her chest, she felt him walk away as if he knew her heart was racing. She could hear Max coming down the stairs his paws tapping on the wooden steps. He no longer needed any bandages he was doing great she knew she also owed that to Donavin. Everything shut off ,the record had stopped and everything went silent,Gasping and looking around there was still some light outside but there wouldn’t be soon. Donavin stood up. “Do you have candles?”
“Yes in the box under the stairs it has miscellaneous written on it.”
“Ok I will go grab them stay here” Emma obeyed what Doanvin said to her. She did not know why but she knew whatever he asked her she would do she trusted him. She could hear him moving boxes around. “Do you need some help I know it must be dark in there.”
“No worry’s I can see just fine.” Standing in the way of the record player the sun had almost finished going down, she saw Donavin’s shadow coming from the door way holding a handful of sticks of candles. Lighting them around the house Emma didn’t want to admit it but it was kind of a romantic setting. The stove was a gas stove so the food was ok. Sitting on the couch Donavin brought Emma her soup and sat across from her his one left leg probed up with his arm resting on it as he sat on the floor. “You can sit on the couch if you want”
“No you go ahead I am fine here” Emma did not deny it to herself that that disappointed her. She ate in silence and hated it, in one moment she spoke up “You know you can talk to me this silence is kind of making me stir crazy” Donavin smiled “Ok how are you feeling?”
“Other than my health you know I am feeling better”
“Ok tell me something about yourself I know you’re a photographer, you like to read, and you have a companion by the name of Max. Tell me something more about you”
“What do you want to know?”
“Why not tell me about your good memory with that song that was on.” Emma’s face dropped Donavin noticed but Emma started talking before his could object to it. “It reminds me of my parents. They would dance to that song and I would laugh while I watched them. Then my father would pick me up and dance with me on his feet. It was the only good moments I remember.”
“How do your parents feel with you living so far away?”
“I would not know, they disappeared when I was twelve.” Doanvin’s expression changed from content listing to sadness. “Oh I am so sorry I did not know”
“It is ok I am comfortable talking about it, it was a long time ago?”
“Well did they ever find anything to where they might be?”
“Other than there blood on my night gown? No.” Doanvin just looked down he didn’t know what to say. “They think there was a struggle and I slept through it but then they also thought I did it and just don’t have a memory of it they placed me in a children psychiatric ward tell I was sixteen then let me go when they were convinced I wasn’t crazy. Then I was in foster care tell I was eighteen and I left when I was legal, got my GED went to college for photography got a job and lived my life.”
“Well that was defiantly something new.” Emma gave a small laugh. “I really don’t talk about my life but for some strange reason I know I can trust you” There was silence between them as Emma and Donavin stared at each other Emma coughed taking her eyes from him. “Why don’t you tell me something about you? You have family brother’s sisters?”
“My mother and father died a long time ago. I was still young when they died. I had two other brothers I am the oldest.”
“Umm had?” Emma said interrupting “Yes one of my brother died from a gunshot wound to the chest then it was just me and my brother Cooper we pretty much just made our lives here.”
“I am so sorry” Emma had in the back of her mind the story she read in the book. “Umm what was your brother’s name?”

“Can I ask how he got shot?”

“He thought he could stop someone with a gun who was causing trouble and got shot in the process” Emma’s heart sank it couldn’t be this could not be the same brother in the story it happened in the 1900s how could he still be so young? The story couldn’t be true. Standing up Doanvin walked towards Emma and took her dishes and placed them in the sink “Well you seem better I think I will give you your home back tomorrow” Emma stood and looked outside the snow still covered everything it looked like the snow had just stopped. “No you won’t there is way too much snow out there you’ll stay here tell the road is plowed and you can get out safely” Doanvin laughed again as if the words safely was a joke. “I will be fine Emma really.” Emma walked to the door and looked out she could see that Donavin’s truck was buried you could not see it.”
“Donavin please I don’t want you digging your car out, look there is no car just…” Emma stopped her sentence as she looked more to the side of the truck to see what looked like a crushed up vehicle, it took her a minute to realize that it was her Jeep next to his car. “How did you get my Jeep out? It must have been impossible.”
“My brother came out and helped me get it out”
“It was flipped.” Emma could see that Donavin was nervouse looking for some sort of explanation. “My brother brought his truck we tied it and pulled it up” Emma stared at Doanvin with a confused look his story’s seemed as if they were not possible like he was trying to cover something up. Donavin wouldn’t look her in the eyes as he spoke “I know a man that can fix what is messed up on your Jeep and he’s pretty cheap”

“Are you kidding? Look at it, it is completely totaled!”

“It does not look that bad”  Frustrated Emma opened the door and walked outside “Emma stop you should not be outside” Emma stepped in the snow the snow was almost up to her knees as she struggled to the Jeep her feet were getting cold this was not surprising since she did run out in her slippers. Making it to the Jeep Emma pushed the snow off from it, she saw that the driver’s door was gone. The hinges looked torn as if the door was ripped off. The side of the car looked like it had claw marks in it. She felt someone grab her arm she snatched her arm back staring at Doanvin “Please Emma get back in the house you’re going to hurt yourself further, or do you want another week at home?” Emma was angry but she knew he was right she trudges back to the cabin getting inside she kicked off her slippers. Doanvin had went and started a fire as quick as he could. Emma sat in front of the fire once it was started. She did not wait to ask Doanvin what was on her mind.
“Donavin are you hiding something?”
“You heard me the, finding me in the woods? How did you find me? The Jeep was flipped on the passenger side there is no way you got that door open with a crowbar. Look at it the door was ripped off the hinges and what are those claw marks?

“I do not know what you are getting at Emma?” Emma went to her room and grabbed the book she bought when she first met Donavin. Slamming it in front of him she stared at him. “Why are you and your brothers in this book? You’r story of your family matches the tale of the three brothers in this book! Your brother getting shot he was trying to arrest someone who killed another man right? Wasn’t he?” Donavin seemed as if he was getting angry “You don’t know what you’re talking about Emma”
“Oh no? What happened to the man that killed your brother?”

“He died so what”

Yea he died after you and Cooper tore him apart was that not the reason this town turned on you and tried to kill you both?”
“This is all stupid Emma you had head trauma you don’t know what you are saying.”
“Don’t talk to me like I am crazy!”
“Stop acting crazy now I see why they stuck you in that institution” Emma gasped in shock she could not help the tears that were forming. Donavin could see the tears running down her cheek. His fist unclenched and his face softened. “Emma I am so sorry I didn’t mean that”
“Please leave”
“Emma really when I get angry I say things I shouldn’t say I am really sorry”
“Please get out” Doanvin walked to the coat rack and grabbed his coat as he walked out Emma let the tears she was holding back fall harder. Why did she open up to him? She knew he was sorry but she could not help the anger she felt for him right now. As she watched him trudge through the snow she wondered if her tears were for what he said or because he was no longer near her. She knew the truth she but she didn’t want to admit it to herself.


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