The Last Full Moon Chapter 9


Friday came and went, Emma was settling in great with the new newspaper staff, Amy avoided her at all cost which was good Emma wanted her as far away from her as possible.  She noticed when it was not a day full of rushing Ryan did not look worn out he was clean shaven and dressed well. Everyone was very friendly to her sometimes too friendly, she was very busy there everyone wanted her to do their pictures for their article this was not something she was use to.  At the end of her day some people asked if she wanted to go to the local bar to hang out but Emma said no she said it was because of her dog Max but in reality she just wanted to be alone after being around so many people all day.

Now it was Saturday morning and cold. The clouds were pitch black, rain dripped down the windows of Emma’s cabin, the wind blew the trees so hard they looked like they could break in half. Emma woke up in an instant as the window above her bed was blown open, leaves came through the window with little droplets from the rain. Standing on top of her bed Emma closed the window she latched it hoping that would stop it from being opened again. Max barked at Emma as she stepped down from the bed, walking down to the front door she opened it to let Max out so he could run around. She knew he would not be out long he didn’t like the rain. Grabbing her cup of coffee and letting Max back in from the rain Emma grabbed the Guardians book from the counter and sat down on the couch. She flipped threw it she wished there was more to it, she wanted to know what happened to the brothers.

The cable had been hooked up to her home and the phone she knew she needed to call Brittney or she would freak out thinking she had died. She could have called her on her cell but she was not ready to answer all the questions she had. Turning on the television she flipped to the news, she saw as the weather man explained that they had a huge storm coming in “This storm is coming and its coming fast, everyone is advised to stay inside if they can. We are looking at a lot of snow” Hearing that Emma finished her coffee and ran to her room to get dressed. If this storm was as bad as they said Emma knew she needed to go to the store before it hit. She did not want to get snowed in with no supplies for her and Max. Running to the room she slipped on her blues jean and grabbed her black nightmare before Christmas t-shirt off the floor. She slipped on her black boots and ran to the bathroom to put a little makeup on. Once she was done she grabbed her purse and as she got to the front door Max ran to the door. “Its cold out are you sure?” Max started to jump on the door wagging his tale in excitement. “Ok let’s go.” Max ran to the Jeep after Emma opened the front door it started to rain harder so Emma ran to her Jeep. Opening the door Max and her jumped in as quick as they could. This did not stop them from both getting pretty wet from the rain.  “We better get this done fast Max” Max shook himself off in agreement. Emma drove out onto the highway she saw that some of the rain was starting to turn into snow. She pulled into the parking lot parking in front of the post office across from the bookstore.  Seeing all the people out trying to get ready for the storm Emma decided to snap some pictures

She began to take photos of a couple of children jumping in some puddles in front of Donavin’s book store. She even got a picture of two elderly people holding hands walking down the side walk. As she looked threw her lens she could not help but zoom in so she could see Donavin. He was in the store at the counter, counting his money at his register. He was wearing a black hoodie she noticed he was not dressed up like he usually was. “He sure does look good in that hoodie.” Emma said to herself Emma held her breath as she saw Donavin smile a little after she said that. “There is no way he heard me from all the way over here she said to herself. Without really thinking she snapped two or three photos of him. After the third photo she saw Donavin raise his head and stare straight at her. Emma took her eyes from the lens in surprise as she stared across the street at the store. She could see Donavin open the door. “You going to keep spying on me in the rain or would you like to come into a warm place and chat for a bit!?” He yelled from across the street. Emma blushed she was embarrassed that she had got caught staring at him. Taking a deep breath she slipped her hoodie on her head and ran across the road to the books store running in she didn’t even look at Donavin tell he spoke to her. “Would you like me to take your coat?”

“Oh thank you” she slipped her wet coat off that was over her zip up hoodie and gave it to him. “I’ll set it near the heater that should dry it up for you.”

“Thank you.” Doanvin placed the coat near the heater so it would dry. Walking back behind the counter he went back to counting his drawer. “Closing early today?”

“Yea this storm is going to get pretty bad I don’t want to be here when the snow hits I really hate traveling in It.” Placing her camera on the counter Emma began to check it to make sure it did not get damaged with the rain it, seemed fine. She was interrupted by Donavins voice. “So you didn’t bring Max today?”

“Oh I did I am just leaving him in the car I don’t want him getting too wet I am not a fan of wet dog smell.” Donavin laughed at the comment “Yea I guess you could say it’s not the best smell in the world” Emma gave him a smile she made sure to look away quickly so she would not get caught staring again. “You know if your shopping you should do it quickly and get home this storm is only going to get worse I would hate it if you got hurt.” Emma caught the strong concern in his voice she knew he was being polite but she knew he cared for her as well. “Well is my coat dried yet?” Donavin stepped from the counter once more to where he had placed Emma’s coat it was damp not fully dry. “It is not fully dry but it will do. Now please be safe on the way home ok?”

“I will I promise.” Donavin watched her walked to the door “Can I get a copy of those pictures you were taking of me when they are ready?” Emma turned red she almost thought he did not see anything, looking out the window with all the rain it was hard for her to see even across the street how did he? Trying to make the situation less embarrassing she turned around with a smile. “You could come to my home again on Friday I should have a copy for you.”

“Consider it a date” Emma knew she was blushing she put her coat back on, held her camera and placed her hood on; running across the street to place her camera in her Jeep before she ran to the store to get her shopping done. Emma knew she didn’t need to look back to know that Donavin was staring at her.


Emma jumped into her Jeep as fast as she could the snow had started to hit hard the storm was worse then what she thought it would be. There was already a good few inches on the ground. She took a glance at the bookstore before she pulled out the closed sign was on it. Emma started to drive on the highway for home. She would not admit it but she was scared she had never been in a storm like this before. Now she had wished that she had stayed home. The white flakes that smashed into her windshield made it hard to see the road, the windshield wipers were not much help. The road was getting white Emma scooted closer in her seat both hands on her steering wheel thinking this could help her see but it didn’t. Max whined in the front seat next her. “It’s ok Max I know you are scared we are almost home.” Taking it slow she knew she was getting closer to her turn. In an instant Emma gasped as she saw a large rock in the middle of the road swerving out of the way  she was able to miss the rock the Jeep fishtailed a minute sliding on the road; she was able to get it under control and back on track. She sighed in relief  as she was pulling up to the dirt road  that would lead to her house but that was only for a second as her sigh turned into scream, as she turned on the road her Jeep crashed right into a fallen tree that was in the middle of the road. Emma could feel the Jeep rolling hitting things in its way as it kept going and then in one instant it stopped. Emma had hit her head hard on the steering wheel the blow did not knock her out but it did make her dizzy. The Jeep had landed sideways she stared out her window trying to see if she could recognize where she was. Knowing she had to move fast to get out of the car she tried to unbuckle her seatbelt but it was jammed. She shook it vigorously trying to get it to unlock it did not, in her frustration she started pulling at the seat belt hoping she could get it to break off but it was no use not only was she not strong enough but she was too weak from her dizziness to pull hard enough. She felt something wet drip down her forehead she knew she was bleeding from the blow she took. Not holding her tears back and seeing the snow whiten her windows she knew if she was stuck there long she would be trapped. As she cried there in her front seat she felt something wet go across her cheek “What is that?” She yelled then she heard the whimpering of Max. “Oh Max! Are you ok?” Emma could not see him she felt him lick her face again she was going to assume that meant he was ok. She knew he would not be if they got stuck.  As she was struggled not knowing what else to do Emma began to scream “Help me!!! Anyone!!! Please help me!” Emma knew that there was no one around as she cried she didn’t know what else to do but pray. She was never much of a prayer and didn’t believe in many things but at this point it was all she had left to do. “Please God” She sobbed “Get me out of here please I am not ready to die.”



Doanvin pulled up to the driveway he did not see Emma’s car this surprised him since he had not seen her since yesterday. He stared at the house he could see that the roof was tall with snow on top of it. Opening the door to his truck Donavin stepped out he was almost knee deep in snow. He listened for Max but heard nothing. Leaning against his car feeling the snow hit his jacket he stared at the road that Emma would be pulling up in. He did not see any tracks from her car to show that she had been here but it also was still snowing. If she had left this morning the snow could have covered the tracks. He had tried calling her last night to make sure she made it home but he got no answer. He was worried not knowing if she was ok or not, Donavin decided to go into town and see if Emma was down there if she was not he would go to the sheriff. As Donavin was getting into his truck he stopped and looked out into the woods. A second later he slammed the door to his truck and ran into the woods


Emma opened her eyes a little when she heard Max bark. It was cold it had been so long she did not know how long that she had been in the car. She tried to yell but her yells turned to whispering she held herself tight trying to catch any sort of warmth she could find. Max had laid right on top of her she could feel him still breathing a little but she knew he would not last much longer. Since the windows were cracked because of the crash the heat did not stay long in the Jeep. She wanted to cry but no tears would come, she knew her car was covered in snow by now she knew no one was going to find her and only by the grace of God would she live. She began to think “Who would take care of Max if he lives through this? Would they put him to sleep? Who would identify her body she had no family left. Would they have Brittney do it? She hadn’t even called Brittney since the house phone got put on, now she wished she had just called her on her cell instead of not wanting to answer questions. Emma was shivering uncontrollably now. Her head was hurt from smacking it into the steering wheel she knew she had bleed a little from her head but it had stopped. She assumed it was minor since she was still breathing. She was getting more tired she had slept a little but she knew if she slept now she would not wake up she was not ready to accept that just yet “Just a little while longer” she whispered to herself her breath could be seen when she spoke“ I just want to stay awake and live a little longer.” After saying that she began to closer her eyes then she saw darkness, This was only for a moment, after she closed her eyes just a moment later she was startled awake by a pounding on her door. She could hear a voice on the outside. “Emma!!! Emma! Can you hear me!? Please if you can hear me say something!” Emma tried but nothing came out louder than a whisper “I am coming just hold on!” Emma knew she recognized that voice she had to be dreaming. Maybe this was part of death maybe you started to think about the one person you wanted to see. Closing her eyes again she held on to the sounds outside she could hear her door being pulled apart as if someone was clawing threw her door. “Hold on Emma!”

He can’t be trying to open that door, there was no physical way he could open that door by himself. She was a goner.” She thought to herself.  Again she heard the breaking of the door. Emma tried one more time to call out but it still only came out as a whisper and in one instant as the words she spoke were fading from her she heard a loud sound and then light hit her face she felt the wetness of snowflakes hit her cheek. Someone grab the seat belt that was keeping her locked in and ripped it off her. She felt someone grab onto her body and lift her up out of the car. She had not opened her eyes tell she felt someone touch her face softly “Emma please open your eyes.” Emma opened her eyes slowly the light was bright it took a minute for them to adjust and when they did she was able to see Donavin staring at hers his face full of fear. Lifting her hand she touched his face “It is you” and in her weakness she dropped her hand and fell into darkness.


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