Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Emma knew what a newspaper office looked like so it did not bother her that no one was paying attention to her when she walked in. She decided to just walk to her destination. she knocked on the door that read “Chief Editor”

“Come in!” Emma opened the door she was surprised to see he was around her age she was so use to her other boss who was in his fifty’s. This guy was younge, dirty blond hair and brown eyes he was dressed nice but he looked like he had not slept in a week. he had scruff on his face and his shirt was wrinkled. “what do you need?!”

“Oh sorry my name is Emma…..” She was not able to to finish her sentace because the man interrupted her bruntly “Oh! Emma I am sorry I am a bit distracted with this story I am working on my name is Ryan I am the one who runs this crazy place.” Ryan shook her hand. ” I am so excited you are here I know it looks kind of crazy It is usually quiet but we have a deadline, there really is not many of us in such a small town; To have someone who is such a great photogeapher as you is really going to do a lot for us here. “

“That is kind of you to complement me like that, I really just wanted to come in and introduce myself and let you know that I will be starting at the end of the week I would have called but I didn’t have the number for here and my cellphone was acting up this morning.” Ryan smiled “That is fine I’m glad you came in we can do introductions with everyone then on Friday not everyone is here there usually out and about trying to get the paper ready for tomorrow.”

“That sounds great I will see you on Friday” Ryan waved her off as he sat back at his computer typing away. Emma walked out of the office and out of the building not disturbing anyone not thinking that anyone noticed her she was wrong about that.


Amy saw the young girl run out of the office not speaking to anyone, she knew everyone in this town and she had never seen her before. Seeing Ryan come out of his office she ran up to him “Hey who was that in your office?” Ryan was distracted as he was speaking with another journalist “Emma she just moved here.” Ryan ignored Amy when she wanted to talk more. She did not let it bother her she knew there was a deadline. She did not need anymore clarification anyways this was the girl she was looking for. Grabbing her bag she ran out to her car she saw the girl jump in her jeep, jumping into her car she stayed far behind following her to her home. “finally! I will get my story”


Emma was listing to music while she was cleaning this was one of her favorite things to do it cleared her head and brought her spirits up. Emma stopped when she heard a knock at the door “Who could that be?” She was not expecting anyone she never expected anyone. She had to try and stop Max from breaking the door down to see who it was. “Max down boy! One minute please”  she called at the door as she struggled with Max, after climbing over him she finally reached the door opening it she saw a young woman with blond hair short and layered. She was well dressed with a black pencil skirt and white button up blouse, she had a pen in her hand and a pencil behind her ear. Emma noticed she held a notepad. Her eyes were brown but in a dark way, Emma stayed behind the door. “Can I help you?” The girl gave a big smile Emma could tell it was not without a price. “Hi my name is Amy Lockwood I am a writer for the newspaper here.” Emma gave a relieved smile as she opened the door “Oh well come on in its great to get to know people from there?” Amy gave her a confused look “Really? Why is that?”

“Well since I will be seeing a lot of you I might as well get to know you guys” Amy gave her a huge smile “Exactly.”

“Would you like to take a seat? I have tea and coffee. “

“Tea would be lovely” Amy looked in front of her to see the husky standing in front of her, his hair up, his blue eyes staring at her, Her heart began to race and her palms became sweaty. Yelling to Emma in the kitchen Amy asked with a shaky voice “umm…..your dog is beautiful does he bite?” she could hear the shuffling of dishes in the kitchen and the pouring of water. “Oh no he is very friendly you can pet him” Amy tried to pet him but right as she moved her hand Max began to growl at her. Sitting back she clenched her notebook thinking she would just keep to herself. Amy let out a huge sigh when she heard the tea pot whistling. A few moments later she saw Emma come in with a Black tea pot and tea cups next to the cups was a small red pot that said creamer and small red bowl that said sugar in white letters they were all on top of a silver tray. Once Emma sat down Max laid down as if nothing happened.

“Well you are great when it comes to hospitality” Emma Huffed at the comment “No I am not I just tend to have some stuff laying around for the occasion” Emma saw Amy grab her pad and put the pen down on the paper. “So tell me a little about yourself Emma” Emma looked confused “Do you always write what everyone is saying down?” Amy gave her a confused smile “Well yes that is what usually happens at an interview?”

“Interview? What interview”

“I assumed you knew that was what I was here for. I would need to Interview you if I am going to write an accurate article about you?”

“What would you need to write? Is this part of the hiring process? If so I have already been hired.”

“Hired? I am a bit confused.” Emma poured Amys tea as she spoke “You’re from the newspaper I figured you were just coming to get to know me I start on Friday.”

“Why would you be there?”

“You don’t know? I am the new photographer” Amy gave a little gasp “Oh I am so embarrassed I am sorry I did not know” Emma’s Confusion grew with Amy not knowing she was a coworker “Well then why were you here to interview me?” Amy looked embarrassed as she spoke “I know that you were a big deal in the city and I wanted to do a story about you?”

“So you wanted to do a story about my photography career?”

“Not exactly, you see I know that you were transferred up here because I know why you are here. I know that you were left for dead in your apartment in the city. The fact that you lived is amazing to every doctor you have come across. I thought you would want to share your story”

“Emma could not help the anger that boiled inside her as she stood up “You need to leave”

“I am sorry I meant no harm I just…”

“Leave now” adding to Emma’s stern command was Max growling at her “Heel Max!” Max sat down next to his owner but his eyes never left Amy, “Ok I see I have crossed a boundary I will leave.” Standing up the Amy walked to the door Emma could hear her heels as she walked to the door “I am sorry maybe I’ll see you in the office”

“Maybe goodbye” Emma heard the Door close then in that instant every feeling that she had tucked away, every emotion that she hide inside came to the surface. Crippled by it she fell onto the couch with her head in her hands weeping wishing it will all just go away.



Donavin wanted to go and see Emma. He was not usually an impatient person but something was telling him to go see her.  “This is wrong” he kept telling himself if his brother found out it would be disastrous they had enough to deal with right now this would just add to it. “Getting to know her is not a rule breaker I mean come on if you think about it I make the rules in the end” Donavin knew that, that thought was a lie. He looked at the books on the counter that he was sorting one popped out at him. “Wolves: Photographs taken threw history” This was his excuse to go see her. He still was haunted by his duties and by the rules he always abided by. “Is this wrong? I have never felt this way before it can’t be wrong if I feel this way?” Without even taking another thought he grabbed the book closed the store and jumped into his black Toyota pickup truck the only thought in his head was “I’ve waited a long time for this feeling I am not turning away from it now.”


Pulling up to the dirt road Donavin’s heart pounding in his chest. When pulling in he noticed another car in the lot. A red Mercedes he knew that to be Amy’s car. Donavin knew this could not be good. “Oh no Amy what are you doing?” Pulling up and getting out of the truck Donavin saw as Amy was let out of the house. She looked sad and embarrassed. Donavin stepped closer to Emma’s home Amy saw him “Donavin what are you doing here?”

“Dropping off a book what are you doing here?” Donavin saw as Emma stepped outside to let Max out he saw the redness in her eyes and the tears falling from her face. The anger he felt was nothing he had felt before, Amy had made her cry? What had she done to her? Walking closer to Amy his blue eyes met her. She noticed they turned golden in an instant “What is up with your eyes?” Donavin ignored the questions. When he spoke to her he spoke with authority “Don’t you ever wonder why people run from you? Why they don’t want to be near you? All you do is ask, ask and ask you need to start realizing that what people are going through is none of your business. Now get out of here I better not see you come back or I will make sure I talk to the sheriff about this I am sure he would have no problem slapping a restraining order on you, then you can make that your front page.” Amy no longer felt Embarrassed Donavin could see the anger that flushed into her face as she turned red she said nothing to Donvain as she got into her car. She sped off without another word. Donavin was shocked by the way he reacted. He had never gotten into anyone’s business like that before. He never said anything like that before to anyone in this town. What was happening to him? His thoughts were interrupted by the small sound of a thank you coming from the porch. Looking up he saw her. Her light completion, her light green eyes and red hair. She was wearing black sweats and a t-shirt she obviously was not expecting to be around anyone he could tell by how she tried to fix her hair but it did not matter she was still radiant to him. “Oh umm it was not a problem I think I have been meaning to say that to her for a long time.” When Emma smiled at him his heart began to race. His hand were getting sweaty he was very nervous being around her he never really was nervous around anyone. “Would you like some tea?” Donavin didn’t know how to answer, he was stunned he didn’t think it would be like this, he thought drop book off maybe he would get lucky and have a small conversation, but now he was actually coming in for some tea? “Yea I would love some tea.” Walking into the house he stopped as he was stopped by a large growling husky. “Oh I am sorry this is Max my protector you could say.” Donavin smiled at her, looking at the dog he could sense his emotions the protection he had for his master. Max Barked at Donavin his hair on end. Emma grabbed him and pulled him to the side “I am sorry he is not a fan of men he won’t bite I promise”

“I believe you” Donavin said to Emma with a smile. Emma walked in to the kitchen to grab the tea she had put back, Donavin saw Max still growling a little and staring at him kneeling down he stared at Max in his blue eyes as he spoke to him “I promise I am not here to hurt your master you can trust me.” Max stared at him for a minute as if he was contemplating on what Donavin said to him. Then after a few minutes Max sat down with out another threatening growl. Donavin didn’t know what to do with himself as he got up and sat down. Donavin could hear Emma grabbing the tray he heard her footsteps on the wood floor as she was walking his way he sat straight up trying to make a great impression. As she walked in she gave him a smile that made her face light up. “I hope you like ginger tea it’s all I have right now.”

“Ginger is fine thank you” watching as she placed the small Black tea cup on the same color small saucer she poured the tea into his cup. “Would you like some sugar?”

“No thank you”

“Don’t like sweets?”

“I think I am starting to” He said with a smile Emma felt the heat coming to her cheeks as she smiled. Taking the cup Donavin watched as Emma poured herself some tea and place to lumps of sugar into her cup. Sitting back she called Max next to her “He is reacting to you quite well now.”

“Well he must just have a good judge in character.” Emma laughed Donavin felt as if he could hear that all day and be content. “So about what you did out there with that woman?”

“I am sorry I did not mean to medal in your business I have just seen her do this more than once.”

“No I wanted to thank you again I mean no one has ever really stood up for me like that other than my friend Brittney but  I mean I just met you in your book store”

“Please don’t mention it, it was nothing like I said I had been meaning to say that to her for a long time it’s not the first time she has meddled in on people’s lives making them miserable by bring up there past.”

She smiled at him again Emma was not use to people caring for her and that is what she felt around Doanvin it was not a feeling she was used to. She had Brittney but she cared for her like family but Doanvin cared for her on another level. She noticed that he was staring at her intently she got a little embarrassed that she was staring at him without saying a word. “So umm how long have you had that bookstore?”

“A few years now I use to work with my brother around the town but I always had a passion for books so when I had the money to buy the old video store that had shutdown I turned it into a books store.”

“Oh that is pretty cool, what kind of work did you do with your brother?”

“We kept an eye on things around here you could say. Do you like to read?” Donavin added Emma sensed he was changing the subject but she did not feel she should question it. “I love to read.”

“Well now I am glad about that” He grabbed the book that he had brought as an excuses to see her “I thought this might be something you would like since it seems you may have an interest in them.”

“Thank you! That is very thoughtful of you. Speaking of books where did you get the one that I bought from you the other day?”

“That one?  honestly I could not tell you that book was written by a man in the town a long time ago. He was kind of know as the town crazy. I actually thought I got rid of all the copies I guess I missed that one”

“why get rid of them?”

“I did not want a crazy man’s obsession to become anyone else’s. From what I heard that mans obsession is what drove him crazy I would not want anyone else to suffer such a fate. Why are you so interested?”

“No reason it was just very interesting storie” Donavin wanted to press further but he did not think it was wise “Well thank you for the tea but I must be going I have a lot of errands I must do before I go home.”

“Thank you again and for the book maybe someday I can return the favor maybe visit your home and make you dinner?” Donavin stopped at the last part of the sentence. “I live a ways from here I would never want you to have to go out of your way I will see you next Friday still?”

“Yes you will” Taking Emma by the hand he kissed her hand and gave a smile “Corny I know, goodnight Emma” Emma held her hand as she watched Donavin drive away what was it about this man that sent her heart racing? These feelings were surprising to her, she never thought her heart could feel again, since to her she thought she no longer had a heart.


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