The Last Full Moon Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Standing on the ladder to place the new books in the shelves Donavin stopped when he heard his phone ring on the table. Turning quickly he lost his footing and landed backwards on the floor. Staring at the ceiling Donavin could not believe that, that had just happened. “Never tell anyone” he said to himself as he stood up. Getting to the phone just in time he answered it. “Hello?” he could hear breathing but no one answered on the other end “Hello? Is someone there?” After a few more minutes Donavin was going to hang up but stopped as he heard a woman voice on the other end “Hi this is Emma” Donavin’s heart started to race, he had felt his heart race many times but never because someone called him. “Hi I am glad you called” there was an awkward silence as neither people knew what to say next. “Umm so did you start that book?”

“Book? Oh from today! No not yet I was going to sit down with it today at some point.” Donavin didn’t know what to say so he decided to just come out with it. “Emma I know being a part of a new town can be hard and honestly I would love to get to know you better I know I said all of this in that letter I sent but would you like to go to dinner with me?” The other end was silent for a minute it made Donavin nervous. “Yes I would love to go to dinner with you” Donavin could not help the big smile that came across his face “Great! I know your just moving in so what day would work best for you?”

“Well I start at the newspaper in a couple of days so how about next week?”

“Perfect how about next Friday?”

“That sounds great I will see you then”

“Cant wait” they both hung up Donavin did not know what to think he had not been on a date ever in his entire years of living. “There is a first time for everything” he thought to himself. In the back of his head he knew he was thinking about the possible consequences but at this point he did not care about his consequences only what Emma may be pulled into.

Emma hung up the phone she could not help the smile that came on her face. She would not lie to herself and act like this did not make her anxious in anyway. She never thought she would date again, She never thought she could feel again. The adrenaline going through her body made her want to run but she knew she needed to calm down. She saw the book that she bought at the bookstore on the coffee table “Why not” she thought to herself, she knew it was getting dark and a little reading may be just the thing she needed to get herself to sleep tonight. Emma made herself some coffee she knew she wanted to try and sleep but she also knew as much coffee as she drank in her life one cup would not make a difference. Max laid across from Emma in his bed next to the fire place he looked at Emma a couple of times before he felt that he could relax and close his eyes. Emma opened the book thinking it was going to be laid out like a history book she was surprised to see that it was not. Skimming threw it she was stopped as a small letter fell out of the book and onto her lap. “Well that’s odd” opening the letter it read. “It is not a coincidence that you have this book, you were meant to have this book. Open up your mind and consider it to all to be true. You will understand later why this is all important.” Emma did not know what to think about the letter she turned it around to see if anyone had left their name on it but there was nothing. Putting it in the back of the book she decided that it had to be a letter for someone else and she got the book by mistake. “Well let’s see what is so true about this book”

“A long time ago there were three brothers, each one having their own personal gift. There was the youngest brother who had the gift of strength he was also the calmest of his three brothers anger was not something he understood. Then there was the middle brother his gift was wisdom, he was the one who could always find a solution to the problem, then there was the oldest who people would call beautiful, he could charm anyone with his smile. He also had an interest in knowledge always studying in any book he could get his hand on. The three brother only had each other, both of their parent’s died of pneumonia when the boys were very young. Their parents were not wealthy so when they died they left them with nothing.  All three of them had to take care of each other

All of this was around the 1900s so it was different times back then usually three brother losing their parents and having nothing would not be very successful, but all three brothers worked together. They did not leave the town that they were in, they were born there and there family had died here they chose to stay. As they got older they decided to become law men; They became what the people called “peace makers” every criminal that came into town was taken out by them.

Then one night all three brothers were out in the town taking a look to make sure everything was okay, they witnessed a man shoot another in one of the brothels in the town. The youngest brother ran ahead to stop the man from hurting anyone else but was killed in the process. The two other brothers witnessed this and for the first time anger resided in their hearts. They tore the man apart like an animal for what he did to their brother. The town had witnessed this and in their fear for what they had done they wanted the brothers dead. So both brother fled into the woods.

As the now  youngest brother slept the oldest stayed up keeping the fire going, it was winter and he knew they would not last long out here by themselves. He was discouraged and did not know what to do. The stories say that he heard his name being called in the woods and that he followed the voice. When he got deeper in the woods he found an opening and in the middle of the open area was a large white wolf. It is said that the wolf admired the brothers for their courage to stand up to evil and that he would gift them with the ability to be wolves. On the first full moon they would turn and after that they would be able to control when they turn but it would take practice he was willing to teach them. He did warn him that there were consequences if he accepted one of those being the urge to hunt but if he controlled it he could use this gift to protect the town he loved.

It is said that, that day the oldest brother accepted the wolves offer. Both brothers were gifted with the ability. There is not a lot said about what happened after that, but is recorded that the amount of wolf attacks went to a high rate. The people noticed that the attacks were on criminals and anyone who would try to harm anyone in the town and not one attack was on an innocent. The wolves were then known to the town’s people as the “guardians”

Emma was startled by a tree branch hitting her window. She closed the book not knowing what to think about what she just read. She knew none of it could be true but she kept thinking about the note that was left inside the book someone wrote that note to whoever was supposed to pick up this book and they wanted to make sure whoever read it knew that this was all true. Emma got up to get ready for bed she kept thinking in the back of her head “what if that letter was meant for me?”



The woods were dark, the only light there was, was coming from the full moon in the sky. Emma walked through the woods stepping on everything in her path, she walked through bushes and thickets, grabbing onto every tree she walked by to keep her balance. Looking ahead she saw a clearing moving her hands to push away the branches that were blocking her Emma stepped into the clearing. She saw a valley with beautiful green grass and different color flowers, there was a creek and the water in the creek was so blue she never saw water that blue before. She saw the light from the moon sparkle off of creek as it flowed, she saw the smooth grey rocks at the bottom of it clear as day.  There was a light breeze that blew through her red hair in the breeze she heard her name being whispered “Emma” turning around Emma held her breath as she saw a large white wolf staring at her. She gasped as she stepped back the wolf was larger than any wolf she had seen before almost about the size of her jeep. Its stared at her with its blue eyes, as it moved towards her Emma stumbled back falling on the grass. The wolf moved its face closer to her face its black nose almost touching her. Emma’s heart raced she didn’t know what to do she was frozen, small tears came from her eyes as she did not know what was going to happen. Seeing the tears the wolf gave a confused look as it stepped back she felt the breeze blow threw her hair again as she heard the whisper “I am not here to kill you, but to protect you”

“Protect me? Protect me from what?” The wolf turned around and ran the other direction. Emma stood up and ran after it yelling “Protect me from what!?” As soon as she got to the entrance back into the woods she screamed as another large black wolf burst from the woods bearing its teeth at her she saw it open its jaw to attack as she fell down and in that instant she woke up right in her bed breathing heavy. “What …was ….that?” She said out loud. Max had jumped out of his area and off the bed confused with the commotion. Emma stared at him for a minute before she laid back down, she was shaking a bit from that dream, she had never had one so vivid like that before. She knew it had to be from her reading that book, but if she knew that why was she so scared?


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