The Last Full Moon Chapters 5&6

Chapter 5

Working at his desk officer Rodriguez was filing the paper work on the last wolf attack. “Hey there Rodregez anything new on that attack?”

“Nothing other then the fact the victim was another sex offender so its hard for us to say that the wolves committed a crime.” Rolling her eyes the long blond haired journalist wrote on her notepad. “Ms. Lockwood don’t you have a life” Amy looked up confused “This is my life” Putting her pad in her purse Amy leaned forward Jim had seen this routine before from Amy. “How many time do I have to tell you Jim? Call me Amy” With a laugh Jim stood up walking to the file cabinet to place the recent attack with the others. Counting the files he knew they had reached a total of twenty attacks. While pulling out a few of the files to observe he was interrupted by Amy clearing he throat knowing the noise was for information. “So about the new lady that moved into town? Would you happen to know anything about her? Like maybe a file here I could see?” Jim could not help but smile and give a laugh at the attempt. Amy was brave for one he would give her that but sometimes she just was not that bright. “Ms. Lock”

“Ahem” Jim stopped in the middle of his sentence “Amy well you know even if for some reason there was a file on Ms. Black I would not be allowed to show you them.” Amy began to complain but Jim lifted his hand to stop her “And even if I was allowed I still would not allow you to see that file” Amy gave him a mean angry look as she stormed out of the sheriff station Cleary upset that she still did not have her story. As Jim watched her he still could not believe that a woman would go that far just to get a story about one girls troubled past.

Chapter 6

It did not matter how hard he worked Donavin could not stop thinking about Emma. No one had ever had a pull on him like this before. He could not stop thinking about her, he kept thinking of her voice when she spoke, they way she smiled at him, and her eyes those eyes they were burned into his mind. Tossing a book on the counter in frustration Donavin growled to himself “ What is happening? I barley know her! This is ridiculous!” running his hands threw his dark black hair Donavin sat at his desk looking out the window in the book store. He knew what he wanted to do, he knew it was wrong but when did he ever have feeling like this? Donavin stood up and started to pace in the book store “I mean I could just get to know her, maybe if I hang out with her she wont be as charming as I think she is, then I wont care so much about her and I can go back to normal”  Donavin laughed at the thoughts in his head he knew he was lieing to himself. He knew there were consequences for his actions but he also knew he could deal with that later.

Going into his desk he grabbed a piece of paper, grabbing a pen he wrote a letter to Emma asking her If should like to go to dinner with him. Takeing the paper and placing it in an envelope Donavin ran outside and across the street to the post office. Opening the door the bell on it rang informing the person at the desk that he had arrived. He looked and could see Betty at the desk. The older lady smiled at Donavin as he came threw the door.  “Hi Donavin what did I do to deserve your presence today?” Donavin smiled at Betty she was one of his favorite people in town she always could make him smile. Walking up to the desk Donavin sat in the chair that was in front of it. “Well Betty I am in a bit of a strange situation, I was wondering if you could help me” Looking at Doanvin with her “what did you do” look she lifted her bifocal glasses up from the tip of her nose. “What exactly is it that I could help you with?”

“Well you see I had someone come in and order a book to be mailed to there home tomorrow and unfortunately I did not get there address” Betty looked at Donavin with a surprise “That is not like you” Donavin hung his head in an attempt to act out his lie “I know its has just been difficult today with all the inventory that has come in” Bettys look softened as she sympathized with Donavin. “I am sorry how can I help?”

“Well you see I know she just moved her and I was wondering if you would know of anyone who has just moved into town? Any new routes with mail?” Taking the pen that she was holding Betty placed it in her messy bun she had in her grey hair today. Going to her computer she typed up the routes for the day and Donavin could see the smile on her face as she snapped her finger. “Yes of course! I completely forgot Emma Black! She moved into the old cabin on top of moon peak. The sheriff was in here early wanting to make sure that everything went smoothly with her moving here. Doanavin thought that was odd he knew the town was friendly and cared for its people but he never knew them to help newcomers like that. “Oh yea I know where that is, do you have a address that I could write on this envelope to mail her, her invoice today?” Nodding her head Betty took a piece of paper and wrote it down for him. Any other person she would have said no to but Betty knew Donavin for such a long time she knew he was a good person and could never hurt anyone.  Donavin wrote the address on the envelope and handed it to Betty “do you think this will go out today?”

“Yes that route has not gone out yet” Donavin grabbed Bettys hand and kissed it “Thank you so much you have been such a great help” Betty smiled waving her hand for him to leave. Donavin stepped out the door and ran back to the bookstore. Getting back to work he thought now his mind would be clear to focus on work but it was not it was full of the question on if Emma would accept his offer for dinner.


                Emma tried to get Donavin out of her head as she hiked the trail behind her house taking picture of anything that caught her eye. It was no use she could not stop thinking about him. It had been so long that she had considered anyone to be in her life and it frustrated her that It was someone she didn’t even know.

Max ran around the trail sniffing everything in sight as Emma turned around to start walking back to the cabin. Max noticed and started to follow. “I mean he is obviously good looking, and very charming but I don’t know him its dumb for me to feel like this right Max?” Max just glanced at his owner before focusing back on the trail. “Yea I don’t know what is going on with me either” Getting to the house Emma saw the post man placing the mail in her small black mailbox in front of the cabin. Max took off towards the post man barking but stopped as soon as he heard Emma yell for him to stop. The post man smiled at Emma nervously not knowing what Max might do to him. “He is very friendly I promise he won’t bite” The postman nodded his head as he got in his vehicle Emma didn’t think he believed her. After he drove off Emma went to her mail box she was surprised she had received anything so soon. When she opened the mail box she saw one letter addressed to her. She did not recognize the hand writing. “No one has my new address yet who would be sending me a letter?” feeling nervous Emma opened the letter. It read


I hope this letter does not cause you any fear or discomfort I promise I mean no harm, I did not know any other way to get ahold of you other than mailing you a letter, I asked my friend at the post office if she could get this letter out to you. I know how being a part of a new town can be hard, I would love to show you around and get to know you better. That being said I would love it if you would accompany me to dinner tonight. If yes I have written my number on the back of this letter. If I do not hear from you I understand.



A smiled formed on Emma’s face as she read the letter, but soon it faded as dark thought hit her head “who is this guy?”

“What does he want?”


“He can’t possibly just want dinner”

Her thoughts stopped as she herd Max bark from the cabin porch. She knew it was fear that made her think that way. Looking at the letter she knew there was a part of her that wanted to say no but the other side that wanted to say yes was much stronger. As she walked up to her home she grabbed her cellphone from her pocket.



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