The Last Full Moon Chapters 1&2

Chapters 1 &2


“The woods seem quiet tonight” The two brothers were walking around the woods they could hear the sounds around them. Nature doing its normal life. Everything seemed as if it was the way it should be “Quiet but normal nothing out of the ordinary”

“You seem like something is bothering you brother is there anything I can do to make your mind at ease”

“It is nothing just wondering about everything that is to come”

“You are scared of what is to come ?” With a sigh the man turned to stare at his brother his golden eyes lighter than usual as he spoke “I just have a feeling, something is coming, something not good.” placing his arm around his brother he gave a laugh “That is just your nerves there brother don’t let them get to you, We have been doing this a long time we can handle anything that comes are way. Now come on everything is fine out here let’s get some dinner” At that the man took off into the woods his brother stared into the direction he ran in he could not help the gut reaching feeling that there was something coming, something dark. With a shrug of his shoulder he decided to just run to catch up to his brother, With a smile he ran into the woods after his brother.

Chapter 1

“It’s not going to be so bad I mean you act like you’re not good at what you do” Emma did not want to listen to her friend she knew she was just trying to cheer her up. Grabbing her bags she put them in the back of her jeep. “You’re not moving that far I mean it’s only a few miles away.” Emma knew that this was a lie the drive alone to her new home was  four hours, ignoring her friend she walked up the stairs of her use to be city apartment, walking in and heading to the bathroom, The noises of the city rang out in threw the windows. Emma always found comfort in the sound of life. She stared in the mirror as she brushed threw her long red hair. After her hair was up in a ponytail, she grabbed the black eye liner from her black and red makeup bag, there was only a few things in there, some cover up, a few eye shadows, and a lipstick the rest of her stuff was in the makeup case that she packed away. Touching up on her black liner then her blue eye shadow she listen to her friend in the background stating everything on list of why her moving to mountains was a great thing for her. She knew drowning her out was wrong but she also knew that Brittney had no idea what she was going through. Emma new this move was what she needed even thou she felt as if she was just running away from all her memories and nightmares but maybe that was the good thing about it. Or maybe that just made her gutless. Her thoughts were interrupted by Britney’s high squeal of “You listening to me? or daydreaming again!” Before answering Emma caught herself  looking in the mirror she stared at her reflection she did not think she was as attractive as she used to be; the dark circle from no sleep was getting worse, she could not remember when she had a good night sleep. Her hair just tied back she use to wear it down, her skin was normally pretty white but she looked paler as if she was sick. She figured it was just because of the lack of sleep and the not leaving the house, which was making it hard on her for work. She was a photographer she made her own photos for books she published but she also worked for the local newspaper they were the ones who were transferring her to the paper in the High Mountains. Her boss had suggested it he figured it would be good for her to just get away from where it all happened. She knew he was probably right “Yes Brit I’m sorry just got a lot on my mind” Brittney smiled at her friend “So girl you ready to hit the road.?”

“Sure once I grab Max” Emma could hear the barking from the back porch. Her large Black and white Siberian husky barking his way to madness wondering what had happened to his owner. “Calm down max I’m here boy” Max seeing his owner did not calm down but got more excited as she put his leash on him and walked him to her 1995 Jeep Cherokee she knew she needed to break down and buy a new car but Emma was never much for staying with the times and her Jeep still ran like a champ. Jumping into the Jeep Emma looked at her apartment most people would think of the good memories that happened there. The parties, the friends, the get together, the lovers you had that you knew you would never forget but all Emma saw was the nightmares and the blood that soaked the walls of that apartment. Looking up at her friend in her blue eyes she could tell she was about to cry, if she had not cried all her tears in these past months she would have cried to. Brittney was the really the only friends she had she was more like family since she had none. “Now you call me if you need anything, or if you need help, I mean even just a shoulder to cry on.” Emma could not help but give a friendly laugh to the last part of her friend’s kind speech. She placed both her hands on her friends shoulders as she said goodbye “Thank you Brit trust me if I need anything I will call you but remember I won’t have a phone for a couple of weeks it’s taking them a while to hook up the phone up at that cabin there.” Brittney nodded her head her blond curls lightly bouncing next to her soft completion. Taking her hands off the driver’s side she walked to the side walk and waved as her friend drove off to her new destination she just hoped that this would be the change she needed.

Chapter 2

“Hey Donavin wait up.” Donavin stopped turning around he could see his friend Rick running from the hardware store to the book store that Donvain owned he was just getting ready to open up. “Hey so I was wondering if you were going to the meeting tonight?” “Yes I will be there, I don’t think there has been a gathering I have not been to” Rick could hear the sarcastic tone in Donavin’s voice “I am just starting conversation”

“This is true and for you to start a conversation with a questions that you obviously know the answer to means you are dodging the real questions” Rick sighed “There is this girl and I told her I would take her out tonight forgetting what tonight is” Donavin interrupted “you know I cant grant you that”

“But come on just this once.” Donavin turned and looked at Rick with a sad look “You know I can’t and you know its not because we have a meeting tonight it’s too risky” Rick shrugged his shoulder “I understand, its ok ill just tell her there is a meeting I have to go to that I can’t get out of”

“Good trying something knew the truth”

“Hey I tell the truth…..sometimes” Donavin laughed to himself as he opened the doors to the books store “Full Moon Books you know you could have picked a different name.” Donavin turned to his friend he could see by his messy brown hair and the dirt near his green eyes that he had went hunting last night. “Oh no!” Donavin grabbed the collar of his friends black button up looking around frantically “You think they figured out my obsession for a good non original bookstore title?” He said in his friend  beas he was being pushed off .Laughing as he went to the back to grab the unopened boxes of new books sent to him yesterday Rick sat down in one of the red velvet chairs near the reading area in the store. Donavin grabbed the first box of books ,he had no time to finish putting them up due to his patrolling the other night he was always tired after. “You going to need any help today?”

“Oh no my friend I think I got it handled today go ahead take off go find that girl and start your knew life of truth telling”

“Yea you just wish you were cool like me to be able actually talk to a girl”

“Oh Rick please teach me your art of jumping from one girl to the next” Rick just huffed a laugh as he waved to Donavin on his way out. Peace and quiet at last he loved his friends  Rick more than others they grew up together well in a way and they were there for each other from the beginning.He had grown out of the childish games that Rick still played, he never was into dating a bunch of girls till he found that one that he was destined for. He didn’t like the games. He knew his friends thought they ruled the town, well actually they thought he did and he knew they looked up to him but he just wished that maybe they would see him and take the incentive to try and change. He would not hold his breath. He knew Rick would stay out of trouble, he was one of the ones he didn’t need to worry about when it came to following the laws, but he couldn’t help but wish for more incentive from him. Sifting through the new books he knew this would take him all day he had half a mind to close the store and just spend the day going through the books but then he knew someone in town would beg him to open and he would do it anyways. With that thought he could hear the bell ring as someone came into his store. “Be right with you!” he called out from the back. Jumping up in his denim jeans and white shirt. He stepped out to see the local girl from the newspaper Amy Lockwell. “Well hello Amy your up early I believe.”

“Well you know me any chance to get you alone.” Donavin gave a smile but it was not a smile of interest he never intended to get involved with any of the woman in this town he had seen so many in the years he had lived that none had held any interest to him even thou he held almost every woman’s  interest in town it got rather annoying. “Amy how I love our visits but may I ask what is it you want?” With a knowingly acted surprise face she threw her hands in the air trying to be cute. “Cant I just come in for a book?”

“Amy if I ever once thought that you actually read in your free time I would not have asked you what you wanted in a book store.”

” Nothing gets past you Donavin” Amy said as she placed her hands on the counter clearly trying to a position her pink blouse in a way that made her chest area obviously noticeable  but as usually Donavin brushed her off tending to his work.  “ok!” Amy started throwing up her pink manicured hands, “There is a new woman coming to town she’s kind of a  big deal for a story.”

“New woman in town wow I can just see the headlines, Woman enters grocery store what will she buy?”

“No I want to do a cover story on her because of some thing happened to her sometime ago” Donavin never wanted to get into anyone’s business he preferred it that way people stay out of his business he would stay out of there’s. “Amy do you have a point? What does this have to do with me?” Amy walked closer to Donavin, she moved a strand of her brown hair to the side of her ear before she placed the same hand on Donavin’s chest.

“Well since you are the most attractive man here I was wondering if you would be the one to welcome her into town and then you know just put a good word in for me” Doanvin grabbed Amys hand and placed it next to her side “No”

“Come on” Looking Amy in her brown eyes he firmly spoke to her since he knew that was the only way she would leave him alone “No Amy find someone else to do your dirty work its not what I do now if you don’t mind I have a lot of work to do.” Donavin could sense her emotion and he could tell she was angry. At this point the did not care he knew that would be the only way to get her out of his bookstore.  Giving him a disgusted look “Thanks for nothing as usual” Amy said as she slammed the door to his store he did not let that get to him he was just glad she was gone. While going about his business in the store he cursed Amy under his breath. For no matter how hard he worked he thought about the new woman wondering what it was she had went threw


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