The Last Full Moon Chapter 3&4

Chapter 3

Driving up the highway to the Cabin Emma could not help but admire everything around her. She had never been around this many trees before especially trees that were as tall as the ones around her. They were beautiful most of the tees had no leaves due it being winter but there was still some that had life to them. The nature around her was peaceful at least from what she could tell in her Jeep, Even thou the transition from the city to a small town was scary, she was happy that her home was away from everything. The town was but a half hour drive. This would keep her home to herself she would not have to worry about being bothered by neighbor’s wanting to know everything about her. Seeing the sign that pointed to “Deer Lodge Creek” she made the turn onto the dirt road “Almost there Max” Max wined in the back as the Jeep bounced around the road. Once in front of the cabin Emma turned off the Jeep and took a moment to look at her new homes surrounding’s. The brown cabin stood surrounded by trees and stones, There were pinecones scattered all across the ground, there was no flowers or any sort of green on the ground it being December this was not unusual. She could see tiny wildlife running across the forest some with there little mouths full. It was quiet something she knew was going to take time to get use to. She opened the door to the Jeep and then let Max run out Emma loved admiring her dogs beautiful Black and White coat he was always so full of life, having her dog with her made her feel less alone. As Max went and occupied himself with the scent of the cabin Emma opened the back of her Jeep to start unloading her bags. Stopping in front of the cabin, Emma took another glance at her new home, it was nothing special to a normal person but to her it was amazing. The stone walls with the vines growing up it she knew during the spring it would be full of flowers, she loved the way the trees surrounded it as if it was guarding it. Opening the door of the cabin she could see that the movers had already moved her furniture in she was happy about this “Well at least I won’t have to deal with the movers” placing her bag in the room she walked around the cabin. It looked different now with her furniture in it. It was a one bedroom but with a loft she would make the loft her working room and the garage out side to her dark room. She knew it would take a few days to get everything in order but that was all she had now was time. Time to live, time to heal. Hearing Max bark outside she decided to go out and grab him. Walking outside she was thrown into shock by a tall older man with grayish hair. His bifocals a little two big for his face, she could tell due to the fact that he kept having to lift them up from sliding down his nose. It took her a minute from her fright to realize his sheriff badge that he was the local sheriff. “Miss I hate to be a bother but could you call your dog off please”

“Oh I am sorry” Max had the Sherriff up against a tree. Emma was just glad he did not pull his gun on Max. “Max! Heal!” hearing his master command Max stepped back and walked towards his owner in the loving way that he always did. Not thinking he did anything wrong. “Well you got yourself a fine guard dong there Ms. Black.”

“ I am so sorry Sheriff I did not mean….. I mean there’s no one around I did not think that…” the sheriff put his hand up to stop Emma from going any further. “I am fine Miss and I do not intend for you to apologize for having such an amazing guard dog. He was just doing what Dogs do, protect those they love.” Emma gave the sheriff a smile glad that he was not angry at Max. “Sheriff as you can see I just got here but would you like to come in for some coffee or Tea I mean I am sure I can find where the movers placed everything” “No that is not necessary I was just wanting to come by to wish you a welcome to the town, and to give you my number on this card. As you know your files was sent to our office from the police station in the city, I know you have been threw a lot Ms. Black and I just want to assure you that I am myself and or fellow officers are here for you and anyone else in this town, just know you may call me at any time if you need anything .”

“Oh Sheriff”

“ Ed” “ Ed thank you that is very nice of you.” Tipping his hat to her he smiled as he went back to his car and drove off. Walking to her Jeep with Max at her side she was very grateful for the sheriff for coming by to welcome her he give her a sense of safety but she was also glad he did not push for her to talk about what he knew. Emma grabbed her big black bag that carried her camera and equipment in it. Going into the cabin she sat down on her black leather couch and started placing her equipment on the coffee table in front of her, she started to inspect all of her equipment. She felt comfortable in her new home it was defiantly bigger than her apartment. The front room was large enough for her couch and coffee table in front of the large brick fireplace. The stairs to the side lead up to the loft which would be her office. To the side of the stairs was one bedroom next to that the bathroom. Then leaving the front room there was the small kitchen, she was alone so why did she care if it was small? Emma stood up and walked out the side door located in the kitchen it lead to the outside of the house where the garage was located. She stood outside looking at the Garage that would be her dark room then looking down at Max she gave him a smile. “Well what do you think” Max barked and with a huff he turned around to walk in the house. “Yea it’s going to be some getting use to.” Knowing she had a lot of work to do Emma turned around and walked in the cabin that she knew now was the new chapter of her life.

Chapter 4

The night was silent Emma did not intend it to be any different. It gave her some time to go through some of her photos in her books. She needed to keep focused, the silence in the night would be enough to make her fears drive her crazy, She had to keep reminding herself that it was over. The nightmare was over and it would never come back. Sitting in her bed she flipped threw her photos only to stop at one picture  that had fallen out, the two people staring at her with their smiles, as If there life was perfect together and there were not problems. looking as if they were so in love. She could not help the tears that came with the photo and in one instant she grabbed the photo shredding it to nothing. Bearing her face in her hands she cried all her sorrow ,she thought she had no tears left. She knew she was wrong, in the middle of her tears she stopped to hear Max barking outside. Jumping up in a hurry she went to the front door where Max was barking thinking it was someone else coming to say hello. Emma could see Max at the front door whining and jumping. Emma put a leash on Max and walked out onto the porch. Max went as far as the leash would let him, he continued to growl and bark towards something in the woods. Grabbing her flashlight off the table on the porch she turned it on pointing it out towards the woods where Max was whining but she saw nothing. “Hello” she called out “Is anyone out there?” Still pointing the flashlight she turned it off since she still saw nothing. Looking down at Max she could see him staring into the woods still whining. “Come on boy there’s nothing out there lets go inside.” Getting in the cabin Emma closed the door and locked it. Going to her bedroom she grabbed the gun she kept under her bed and placed it on the dresser next to her bed. Turing out the light she laid down knowing it was going to be another sleepless night.


Her red hair that was past her shoulders was nothing compared to the beauty in her face the paleness in her skin with her light green eyes piercing threw him as he stared at her. The way she held her black throw blanket around her shoulders made her look meek with a fear of the outside world but those green eyes showed a person of strength, he could sense much hurt and pain inside her, he just wanted to comfort her and take all of it away. “Who is that? She is so beautiful”

“That is the new photographer for the newspaper, heard she’s been threw a lot looks like she got the cabin in the middle of our hunting ground. Never thought someone would buy this place, shame will have to find another hunting area”

“Does she have a name?”

“I am sure she does but I don’t know it” Looking at the way his brother was looking at that woman he could tell what was going threw his head “Stop it brother you know it is against our laws now lets get outta here before you let this girl get to much into your head” He turned around running into the woods expecting his brother to follow but he did not. the woman had gone back inside, yet he still stared at the area where she stood. Knowing his brother would be coming back for him soon he turned around running back into the woods just thinking to himself “If only I knew her name”


Emma was woken up with the sun streaming threw her window. She tried to stretch her legs but was stopped by Max stretched out at the bottom of her feet. wrestling off her blankets as she moved around she tried to find her glass of water. She never understood why but for some reason she always woke up needing water. After a few drinks to were she was satisfied she kicked her legs up over Max trying not to wake him but she knew that this was unsuccessful by the small bark that came from his mouth when she accidently bumped his head “sorry sweetie” With a huff he looked away as he put his head back on the pillow he rested his head on. Looking in he mirror in her bathroom Emma could see that her dark circles were getting worse but at this point why should she care? After getting dressed she walked down stairs to make herself a cup of coffee. She knew her day could never start without it. With her cup of coffee in her hand Emma sat down in front of her coffee table with the camera equipment in front of her. She tried to think about some pictures she could start with, she knew she needed to get a new book started, with all her efforts to think of a topic, nothing came to her. Looking at Max  who was sitting in front of her she realized she had forgot to buy dog food for him yesterday. Going in the fridge she grabbed a pack of deli meat she had for her sandwiches and gave him the entire pack. “Will go into own today buddy and get you some dog food and some more deli meat for me” She laughed as she scratched Max behind his ears. He licked her in appreciation. After some more tinkering with her equipment and finishing he coffee Emma got up to get ready to run into town.

After going to the restroom and slipping on her blue jeans and black band shirt the name Skillet written in white bold letters across it. She went scavenging in her room to find her converse. “Oh I hate it when I can’t find my shoes “crawling under the bed to look for them she heard Max whine. Crawling out from under the bed she could see her shoes hanging by there shoelaces in his mouth. “Thanks Max” The drive to town was easier then Emma thought after getting out of the dirt road and to the highway it was straight to town. Once she drove in she could tell it was small town everything was in one area of the town. The hardware store was next to the grocery store and across from that was the antique shops and clothing stores. It was not a dirt road in town are anything but she would not be surprised if this use to be a town back in the old western days that just happened to survive time.

Looking around Emma stopped to stare at one store she did not know why but something was drawing her to that store. It was the town books store the title was different “Full moon that’s original” there was no parking near it so she parked in front of the grocery store. Max was squirming in the back of the Jeep “You stay here I don’t know if you can come in” Max sat with his ears down. Emma not knowing what it was about this store but her heart began to beat at a accelerated rate once she touched the door. The little bell rang that told the owner she had entered. She could hear a man voice in the back ‘Ill be right with you” Her heart was still pounding she did not know why Emma looked around the book store. It look very creative it drew you with its magical look. As if everyone of these books held a secret or adventure. Each shelf was made of wood but stained dark burgundy. to give the gothic renaissance look to it. The floor with its black carpeting added to the creation. Looking at each section with its labels also made of wood with its section carved into it in cursive. From romance, to history, to even cook books all written in an eloquent fashion. There was one thing that caught her eye one section that she never thought would be considered a section in a book store the sign read “wolves” walking to the section she noticed rows of books based off wolves from nature books to the history, one book caught her eye it was black leather bound, there was silver lettering that read “Guardians: The history of the first werewolves”

“Guardians? Now that sounds odd to be calling werewolves guardians” Not knowing why Emma grabbed the book she did not know what was telling her to buy it but she knew that something would come of it if nothing it would at least be an interesting read. “Hello” Emma heard the familiar voice from the back grabbing the book she walked out to the front to have heart beat even faster that was when she saw the man at the counter. he had messy black hair and blue eyes that reminded her of the sea they were beautiful, he wore a black fitted shirt that fit him very well, blue jeans that looked as if they were work Jeans not ones you would wear to work in a book store, all of this was nothing compared to his voice when he spoke to her soft and enchanting. “Hi” After the long awkward silence Emma decided to speak first. “Umm….hello” giving a cough to clear his throat Donavin spoke “You must be new to town I have heard around here someone new was moving here.” Giving a small laugh as she put on her smile she walked to the counter. “Yea that must be me. New crazy lady” Donavin could not help but laugh at the comment. “Hearing his laughter Emma’s heart flutter. “what the heck is wrong with me i’m acting like a stupid nervous school girl” Looking past Emma Donavin could see the Jeep parked down the road a few stores over he could also hear barking coming from it . “Is that your dog over there barking?” turning around Emma had to look for a moment to see Max. “Yes actually how did you know?”

“That is the first time I have seen a Jeep of that year that actually looks that nice around this town I figured he was yours. He sounds upset”

“What do you mean?”

“The barking?”

“Wait how can you hear that from here?” Donavin answered a quickly. “I have excellent hearing you could say. He really is not that far away”

“Yea probably not I guess I am just deaf” Emma giggled to herself. Donavin’s heart raced at the sound of it ” what was going on? What was wrong with me?” He never acted or felt this way about anyone before. Seeing Emma place the book she desired on the counter his heart stopped. “So your into wolves?”

“Not really I just saw it, it seemed interesting I never heard werewolves called guardians before seems like a strange name”


“well you think werewolves you think scary movies you know being chased and killed” Donavin smiled as he spoke “you should not believe the movies”

“oh so werewolves are just gentle little bunnies?” Donavin laughed and so did Emma. He changed the subject “So what do you do?” “I am a photographer I was transferred here from the city”

“Really? May I ask why” handing Donvian the money for the book she gave him a polite smile “That is a story for another time maybe when I get to know you better” Donavin placed her book in a bag and handed it to her, grabbing the book Emma turned to leave the store Donavin could not help himself moving away from the counter he spoke up “I never caught your name” as Emma turned around Donavin took in every move she made the way her hair moved, the way her lips formed her smile as she spoke her name to him. “Emma my name is Emma” “Emma well it was very nice to meet you, next time bring your husky in the store I would love to meet him.” “I defiantly will goodbye umm?”


“Donavin what a lovely name, goodbye Donavin” Emma turned around and left the store Donavin watched as Emma walked to her Jeep and place the book in the passenger side opening the back she let Max out grabbing him by his leash, he watched as she began to walk towards the pet store down the way. He had half a mind to close the store for lunch and run to the pet shop but he knew better. “Ill just have to wait tell are next meeting Emma”



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