Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Emma knew what a newspaper office looked like so it did not bother her that no one was paying attention to her when she walked in. She decided to just walk to her destination. she knocked on the door that read “Chief Editor” “Come in!” Emma opened the door she was surprised to see […]

The Last Full Moon Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Standing on the ladder to place the new books in the shelves Donavin stopped when he heard his phone ring on the table. Turning quickly he lost his footing and landed backwards on the floor. Staring at the ceiling Donavin could not believe that, that had just happened. “Never tell anyone” he said […]

The Last Full Moon Chapters 1&2

Chapters 1 &2   “The woods seem quiet tonight” The two brothers were walking around the woods they could hear the sounds around them. Nature doing its normal life. Everything seemed as if it was the way it should be “Quiet but normal nothing out of the ordinary” “You seem like something is bothering you […]